#7|How to improve immunity|どのようにして免疫力を強めることができるか|H.S Sharma|H.Sシャルマ

H.S Sharma|H.Sシャルマ

今日世界中の人々がcovid-19 新型コロナ感染を恐れています。これは新しい問題ですがアーユルヴェーダでは新しい問題ではありません。

Now a day due to the Corona-19 virus people afraid throughout the globe.

This appears new problem but it is not new for Ayurveda asdeals such conditions from the time of its inception. We find the reference of janapadoddhvamsa in the first text book viz. caraka samhitA, vimAna sthAnam chapter third.

Mankind is always protected by the nature, provided one follows The Nature religiously. Then automatically human improves immunity. For this purpose Ayurveda laid down certain rules for the protection of one’s health. This is fifty percent aim of this science of life.

Dr. Inamura Hiroe Sharma, the first Japanese lady M.D. Ayurveda has written in Japanese a 386+46 pages book viz. Daily and Seasonal Regimen. It is 11 times reprinted by the Publisher Ms. Hirakawa Suppansha of Tokyo.

If one follows the directions laid in this book, the immunity of person improves well and remains healthy to face any type of such disease.

What is immunity?

The immune system is a collection of cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect our body mostly caused by any pathogens (viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites). Resistance to or Protection against any disease or any condition in the life: that power is called immunity.

Here, within the time limit of 15 minutes, I am to present few points for all of you my dears:

01: Get up early in the morning before the rising of the sun and pray GOD to get the power.

02: Clean vocal cavity and denture including throat and nose.

03: Drink a glass of luck worm water slowly and enjoying it.

04: Clean the bowels, with gaNesha-kriyA, if necessary.

05: Perform various yogAsanas by complete body with the concentration of mind, minimum for 30 minutes.

Hence, relax for few minutes and eat wholesome diet.

Considering the age and various factors of the body these are: prakRti, sAra, sattva, samhanana, AhAra-vihAra, sAtmya and the area where one resides enjoy the life.

Having such routine every day our immunity will be regularly increasing and we will be able to face any type of viral attack or unwholesome condition of the seasonal changes.