About YOGA DAY KOBE【English】

A Day full of Yoga Bliss-Let’s Connect


November 27th 2021 (Saturday) 12:00pm-17:30pm
We will have this event at India Club. Nestled in hills of Kobe-Kitano-cho is trendy and multicultura, India Club is located in the heart of Kitano.

The Third YOGA DAY KOBE will be held. This event started with the “International Yoga Day Kansai in Kobe” in 2018. We were wondering if it should be held under the circumstances of the new coronavirus, but we thought that it might be meaningful and helpful to hold the event because the time is such. At present, we feel there are various opinions regarding “gatherings”. Opinions like few people, within 10 or within 50 are allowed . Every situation is different. We personally feel this has weakend the connection within the society. We need to keep physical distance, but we do not need to lose our social or emotional connection. YOGA DAY KOBE has been focused on the theme of “connection”, which is the etymology of yoga. I believe that it is at this time that yoga can connect the mind. In this event, we will limit the number of people in order to avoid closeness. And still aim to feel the “connection” while maintaining “Physical Distance”. First of all, let us connect with our inner self. Let us be firm and grounded and let us become stronger. Let us connect with one another. Let us respect diversity. Let us reconnect with nature. In today’s society where various fears are present, We hope that through yoga, we can feel harmony and peace, and we want to spread that feeling to the world. We look forward to having a great time together. 2021 YOGA DAY KOBE executive committee

■ Date: November 27th 2021, 12:00pm-17:30pm (Saturday)
Incase of Rain we will still continue

■Venue: India Club Kobe

Kobe-Shi Chuo-Ku Yamamoto Dori 1-7-15
From JR Sannomiya Station-10 Minutes walk
There is Coin Parking close but there are chances of the parking being full.

■ Program and Fee
 1per person 5000 Yen

■ What to Bring: Mask,Comfortable clothes,Yoga Mat and Water
 ※ There is no space to change in India Club so please wear comfortable clothes so you can move and enjoy.

■ Registration and Queries:info@yogadaykobe.com